Thursday at oh:dark:thirty I woke up well before my alarm, I got up anyway. I couldn’t sleep, the excitement had bubbled over and I was on a natural high. And nauseous. So, so nauseous.

Small aside, I have permanent morning sickness. I’ve had it since Soren was born 29 years ago. It’s not fair. It’s awful. And it’s worse when I’m excited. Like Thursday morning. Because. As much as I didn’t want to leave New Mexico, I was absolutely over the moon to go meet Declan. The bestest baby in the world. In the Galaxy!

But we are still in New Mexico, I haven’t left yet. Its dark out, morning sickness is in full swing and I’m checking email to distract me from my queasy stomach. I’m getting in a little work before I go out-of-pocket, offline, and I see an email from American that my flight is on time. At 6:50 am.

Crap! I thought it was at 7:50! I ran screaming through Grandma’s house, waking everyone but Gramma.. who is already awake. She’s not sleeping well and that is worrying me. That’s a story for another day. Right now, right then, I had to get everyone awake and into Papa’s truck. We had a plane to catch.

A plane we didn’t catch. A plane we missed by less than 5 minutes. Thankfully American got us on another flight 3 hours later. Honestly? That would’ve been a better time to begin with. Because. Remember that lifetime morning sickness? It kicked in something wicked right about then. Thank God Roswell has a very small airport and the bathroom was right next to the check in counter.

By 10 am we were on a plane. Maybe not the world’s smallest plane, but with only 34 seats it was a contender. Luckily the pilot was aces and merely an hour later we touched down in Dallas.

Dallas airport is huge! We had to take a train from the teeny, tiny airplane terminal to the domestic flights terminal. It’s over a five minute ride with twists and turns and two stops! It’s crazy.

We got comfy cozy with fantastic American fast food and charging stations… And almost missed our flight to Columbus. The early start, the long day, quickly catching up to me. But we made it and two interminably long hours later we touched down in Ohio. Land of Declan.

Soren met us and our 8 bags at the airport, loaded us in his new minivan (he says it’s a “truck”) and took us to Declan. Soren who?

Declan is the best baby EVER! I think I am in love. I am not alone ♥

with Auntie Tess

FIRST SMILE (at mom, if course)

with Uncle Dane

Smiling with Tess

Enzo patiently supervising Tess with “his” baby

Me & Declan bonding

Mieke feeling unloved despite getting pets… she suddenly wants to be a lap dog