Last weekend we took the kids to the beautiful St. Anthony Falls and Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis. It’s a gorgeous area on the Mississippi River. There are ‘ruins’ from an old mill, a lock and dam, and a stunning view of the city. The kids really enjoy seeing these places and exploring our state. Honestly, I do too. I have been to this area before, but the last time I was there was the middle of winter and I’ve never actually walked across the entire bridge before or seen the falls flowing from the bridge! 

There are a lot of great backdrops here for pictures, and the kids were in a great mood to have their photos taken (which makes me wish I’d brought more than my phone, but the best camera is the one you have with you). 

One of the most fun things for me was coming back to the place where Mike and I had our engagement photos taken, in the spring of 2008. We’re celebrating 11 years this week, and we thought to take a photo together in one of the spots of one of our favorite pictures! And Lucas wanted his picture taken by a wall, which we used for another one! Have you ever recreated a photo? We had to do this from memory, because it wasn’t until we got there that we remembered having our picture taken here! But it is so fun to have them side-by-side!