Tucked in-between neighborhoods and skyscrapers is the stunning Minnehaha Falls. This regional park is tucked in along the river right in the middle of the city, and it’s only about a half an hour from our house. There are tons of trails and walking paths, gorgeous views, and things too explore. But today our focus was on the Falls. We’ve been here a lot of times, but it’s been a lot of years and Lucas has been asking to see a waterfall.

So we drove in, we parked, and we walked – the look of joy on Lucas’s face when he saw the huge waterfall was priceless. Perfect. And,, it was even better when he found out we could go down and get even closer. I’ve been to a lot of waterfalls, and one of the things I love about Minnehaha is the way they have created the paths at the base of the falls. It’s so easy to stand and have it seem like you’re the only people there, that you’re alone with the roaring water!

After enjoying the falls, a walk down the creek is always necessary. The kids loved getting to climb up the rocky banks, scaring me half to death as they slip and slide and reach for each other to catch their balance! There are places to pop into the water, but we weren’t prepared for that this time – so the kids really want to go back soon!