Last month, because time flies & I just can’t get all the things done, when Alana was still here, we spent a long afternoon in downtown Stuttgart. It was part sunny, part cloudy, party rainy. Luckily we had umbrella’s thanks to Dane. We’d had to emergency buy some during our whirlwind visit to Milan in May. Dane tucked them in Tess’ bag just before we hopped the train to Stuttgart. Turns out, that was a brilliant move.

We’d picked up her other friend, Holly, after the dentist and hopped the train out there. One of my favorite things about the train, other than not driving, are Gruppestagestickets. One ticket. All the trains. For 5 people. And we were five!

Since discovering DO’s Vietnamese Street Food, a visit to Stuttgart is not complete without a little Vietnamese. By now he knows us by name, we are die hard fans. We ordered some summer rolls, spring rolls, Phở (noodle soup) and my favorite bún thịt nướng (cold pork/noodle/salad) with nước chấm (dipping sauce) made from his grandmother’s personal recipe. I can eat this till I pop!

Once we were just under the popping stage we walked to the Schloßplatz to do a little window shopping. Little did we know that the 49th FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Championships Stuttgart were happening! Downtown had live streaming on the big screens, and a bunch of booths to try gymnastics ourselves. Strike that. For Dane to try gymnastics himself. We were too full, and I’m still to broken. Dane though, Dane was ready!

Amazingly he asked me to take pictures & film. He’s getting to an age where he’d rather not be in pictures unless I wheedle & cajole first. This time he was pretty excited to see himself in action. The four of us happily cheered him on. He is rather impressive on all the equipment. He makes it look easy. I can guarantee you… it’s not!

Summer rolls at DO’s. I need to learn how to make these.

Holly, Tess & Alana

A quick stop at the unstoppable elevator (Zoë and Heidi visit Stuttgart)

Alana & Tess looking very metropolitan

Tess & Alana in front of the Stiftskirche (church)

Dane mid-flip