Salzburg has been on my bucket list the entire 10 years we’ve been stationed in Germany. It is 4 (FOUR) hours from my house. Last weekend I finally got to cross it off my bucket list. Not just cross it off, but also visit their world-famous Christkindlmarkt (or Christmas market)!

I’ll be honest, it was more than a little crowded even with cloudy skies and a little drizzle. Though. That didn’t take away from the magic of the sparkly booths underneath the imposing Hohensalzburg Fortress and in the shadow of the Salzburger Dom, or Cathedral. It’s like walking through another time, another era… minus all the elbows in the chest.

Our first stop was glühwein, or rather gløgg (mulled wine) and calamari. Because nothing says Christmas like fried squid in a landlocked country. Despite the unexpected offering it was delicious, and with four people sharing, it disappeared way too quickly. That little snack really whetted our appetite, and Tess & I went off to find more droolworthy goodies unique to Austria.

We found a version of the Hungarian fry bread Langos, called bauernkrapfen. These are a cross between fry bread & donuts. Tess had hers with cranberry jam & powdered sugar, I had mine hearty with sour cream, cheese & bacon. We ate them standing at a barrel, surrounded by people speaking everything but English & German.  My mouth is drooling at the thought of another. Four hours is really not  that far to drive, is it?

We met up with Dave & Dane again, searched high & low for our friends, and finally gave up and just enjoyed the sights snacking on all the things along the way. We decided we didn’t really like marshmallow “ice cream” cones. We still love roasted/carmalized nuts and raclette (fire melted cheese on bread… with bacon) is everyone’s favorite. Always.

The very best part though? Dave spoiled me with my 2nd Christmas Village “house”. He got me a feuerwehrhaus (or fire station). My 2-house village is not impressive enough to share, but it is my pride & joy and it puts a huge smile on my face when I light it up every night.

I do have some pictures of Salzburg to share.  A little more than a couple, but it’s so hard to find the words to share experiences. Pictures help. Don’t they?

One picture with me…and I can’t be normal

Salzburg Castle, really Hohensalzburg Fortress

Up close, at the foot of the fortress, it is *very* imposing

The horses in between the cars both delight & frighten me

When did Dane get so tall????

We had planned to ice skate later. Later was too crowded.

Residenzplatz entrance to the Christkindlmarkt

First stop? Glühwein, or rather gløgg.

Next we braved the crowds to see the whole market. A lot of crowd!

We had lots & lots of snacks (the best part of a Christmas market)

I adore the crystal booth

Krampus is big in Austria. I’m still not hanging one in my tree!

Christmas market underneath the Dom or Salzburg Cathedral

The tree in Residenzplatz


And that’s it. We are leaving. Goodbye!

Ooooo we ran into Mozart on our way out ❤

There was another gløgg booth right outside the Christkindlmarket, looking back at Residenzplatz

Photo take from the Mozartsteg (pedestrian bridge) leaving downtown Salzburg

Taken from the banks of the Salzach, Hohensalzburg Fortress at night