This year our annual, much-anticipated, much-loved Fasching festivities took a decidely different turn. Normally we go to our favorite parade, in our favorite local “city”, Weil der Stadt. This year Dave drove up & down to Frankfurt while Dane & I went to the kinderfasching (childrens carnival) in Stammheim.

We didn’t go because Dane is a child, though, honestly, at 12 I very much think of him as a child. My child. Instead we went as performers, or rather Dane went to perform. His breakdance troop is getting ready for some big performance at the end of Spring and they are scheduling in as many local appearances as possible for practice. This was the first, and his tension was high.

Personally, I think he’s awesome and he did wonderfully! He was full of self-critique after, but also a little bit of that after-performance glow. I saw a little bit of pride and accomplishment shine through. I really loved that he gave his well-earned food & drink ticket to another kid, a non-performer, because he’d brought water from home. Just to spread a little happiness. I think I’m even prouder of him for that.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures. I took a couple of videos. Check out Dane’s moves!

Inside kinderfasching!
Outside kinderfasching… Stammheim!