Last week, I traveled to Arizona for a few days. I went husband free. I went kid free. I went for me. It was incredible. Beyond the feeling of freedom from responsibility, it was stunning! My mom is a snow-bird, and living outside of Phoenix while it’s cold and miserable in Minnesota, so that’s where I headed.

My goals for vacation were to relax, drink cocktails whenever I wanted, explore outside and enjoy the sun! All were achieved and then some!

We took a boat ride through Saguaro Lake, this is a lake created in the mountains from a volcano that exploded itself into a canyon! The views were incredible – they said that ride is the best view of the Four Peaks you can get – and it was amazing! I love everything about the mountains, they make me happy.

The next morning, we headed to the Arboretum. It was unlike any I’ve been to – while some paths were manicured and perfect, there were plenty of “natural” trails through the desert to explore. I wandered off on my own while my mom stayed on the nice paths with a guided tour. I felt so alone, in a good way. Just me, some cacti, a few palm trees and the mountains.

One of the coolest things I did was climb up Hole in the Rock. This is a huge rock with a giant hole in it. The hole was created by nature and used by early inhabitants of the area to track the sun (like a sundial). It wasn’t a hard climb, mostly trails, but it’s not something I would normally do.

We enjoyed a ton of delicious food, lots of local craft beer and a couple of amazing desserts – including a special birthday treat Creme Brûlée Cheesecake. I tossed in a half-day of pampering for myself as well, a haircut, pedicure and eyebrows – things I never make time for at home. I slept in (well, slept in for me), sat in the hot tub, had a margarita with my breakfast (it was made with orange liqueur and called a breakfast margarita) and didn’t worry about anything.

I have never left my husband home with the kids this long before. I have never escaped on my own for a sanity saving adventure. I wish I had known how relaxed it would make me. How much a few days off of everything would rejuvenate and refresh me. How much of a better wife and mom I could be if I just took care of myself. I recommend the break. Vacation is always worth it!

View of Four Peaks from Saguaro Lake
Desert Vibes
Vacation Company
That’s me in the hole in the Hole in the Rock
Palm Trees!