I’ve been sewing masks like a mad woman in all my spare time. Ha! I lie. There is no spare time. This Coronacation has me hopping busy. We’ve got double the events on our site, home improvement is happening, board games with the kids, homeschooling with Dane, I’ve added in daily walks, the aforementioned sewing, yoga and baking. Now including sourdough baking. I barely have time to rest, and except for the Tiger King, there is no Netflix & chill. Plus, there’s daily check-in’s with the parentals. And the grandbaby.

The grandbaby is SO cute! He’s a smile-y, laugh-y, happy 8-month old. He is the light of our lives. Yesterday he learned to wave and Lindsay (the world’s best daughter-in-law) Facetime’d immediately to share. Not only did he wave, but he let go with both hands and stood all by himself for a second! On video. While I was watching. I know I can’t hold him, or smell his little head, or kiss him like a crazy woman, but I am a part of his life. I get smiles when I call. I’m so incredibly grateful to technology. He’ll know me. Even if I won’t see him for another year. Or two.

It’s good I’m so busy. It keeps me from thinking, from worrying. When will I see my family again? Not on Skype or Facetime or Messenger. But in person. In my arms in person. I need to be busy or my brain goes into overdrive. I’m really missing my people.

Luckily I’m out of quarantine. One of my dear friends here, Sabine (not my cousin the baker Sabine), is also out of quarantine. While I was sick, but not tested, she was exposed, and tested. Thankfully she was negative, but still quarantined for 14 days. On Monday we both burst out of quarantine, met halfway in between our two houses, from a very safe 6-foot distance, and walked the farmers fields amongst the cows & new crops.

How I needed that. Not just walking in the fields, with cows, but walking with a friend. We talked for two hours nonstop. There is nothing that can replace the face-to-face, from 6-feet, talk with a friend. There is nothing better. I left that farmers field a new, happier, brighter, woman.

I also have two new best friends. Meet Mathilda & Annebell: