Our Featured Collection: Hope & Roses by Valentina’s Creations, here is what she has to say about herself.

Hello, my name is Valentina Pellitteri and my brand name is Valentina’s Creations but I recently turned it into “Val”, ’cause it sounds more friendly and cool.  I am a passionate photographer, scrap designer and crafter from Itay. I’ve been designing for more than 10 years and I really hope to involve you in a new exciting adventure, where to find new colors, feelings, visual art inspirations! I do my job moved by the greatest love and passion and I thank every single person who supports my art and keeps on following me.

Here are some stunning pages created with this collection,

Valentina lives in Italy, and we all know what has been happening there with COVID-19 and the awfulness that comes with it. She created this collection with this in the back of her mind, but hope and life in the forefront – here’s what she had to say: “Today I want to introduce you this new collection, called Hopes and Roses. When I had the vision of this project, I thought that I couldn’t lose the faith. I needed pink, white, green, the colors of roses. Something fresh, spring-ish, able to evoc the life, the birth. And yes, that’s the purpose, I want to celebrate the life and don’t be defeat by the soreness. We must do it, especially in honor of all those who left this world for ever.”

I have created a cluster freebie for you to download and enjoy, such a lovely collection!

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