I keep seeing posts about a) bored; and b) “when are the kids going back to school?” I feel like a lone duck. I’m not bored & I’m not ready for Dane to go back to school. I am hating homeschooling in German. It’s more of a challenge than I like, but I like him being home. I like keeping him out of harms way, and I like keeping Tess virus-free.

I like all my people being home. Safe. Plus, people! For us it’s extra important to be home safe, especially with infections around us rising despite social distancing. Though. Honestly? I don’t think people are social distancing correctly or enough. I see too many people walking with friends, practically holding hands, or visiting across fences, or even having playdates.

I don’t think Tess will handle the virus well. A common cold puts her in the ER. The thought of her getting COVID chills my blood. Luckily, she’s okay staying in. She’s keeping busy with cosplay (check her out helping me sew in all her loveable weirdness), friends, games & chores. She hates the chores. Oh. Well.

Dave has joined me in the sewing room as well. It’s a full on disaster site, but we are cranking out 20-40 masks a day. It’s now required to wear masks on base, and people are scrambling to get them. For now, anything will do but a real mask, that works, is best. My triple layer masks, with a pocket for a filter, and a nose piece for snugness, are very in-demand. I don’t have time to be bored. Bonus, I’m loving the time with my sweat shop crew.

We’ve now busted out all the new games I ordered when we were all put on quarantine. Except Pandemic Legacy Season 1. There is still a hot debate over who is going to sit this one out. When I ordered it, Christian hadn’t moved home yet. When I ordered it, we were a family of four. Perfect for our family of four. Except. Now we are a family of five. Hence no Pandemic LS1 yet. Someone needs to sit out & that someone is not me.

As for the other games, Onitama is a perfect two-player game for me & Dane. Not so much for me & Dave. It’s a fun, quicker, spin on chess. I got Munchkin Warhammer 40K specifically for Dave, he’s a huge Warhammer fan. Though Christian loves it as well. I hate it. All they do is pick on me. And I lost. I’m a terrible loser.

But my favorite is Reef. I think Tess & Dane might agree. This one is super fun, once we understood the special patterns. You get two new reef pieces per turn, and place them on your “bingo” board. You get points for patterns. Simple, fun, quick and strategic. It’s the perfect game for kids & adults to play together.