Journal cards are a great addition to any layout. A quick way to catch the eye. A quick way to capture the essence of your page. I used this months Anthology | Happy Spring by Thaliris Designs, to create the perfect journal card.

I made the journal card in maybe a minute, using existing papers, elements & wordart in Happy Spring. I started with a journal card-sized canvas of 4X6 inches (or 1200 px X 1800px), 300 dpi:

I dragged in a background paper (THLD-HappySpring-SolidPap01) and then a plaid paper as well (THLD-HappySpring-PlaidPap03):

I duplicated the plaid paper layer. You can:

  • Drag in a second copy of the plaid paper
  • Click on the duplicate icon in the bottom of the Layers Palette
  • Click on top menu bar Layer –> Duplicate Layer
  • Right-click on the plaid layer in the layers palette & choose Duplicate Layer
  • I choose to Click + Grab the plaid paper layer & drag it to the Create a New Layer icon in the Layer Palette:

Next I simply used the move tool to position each plaid paper layer to my liking at the top & bottom of the Journal Card:

I personally love stitches, and Nath has included a couple of great ones in her Anthology collection. I grabbed THLD-HappySpring-El06b and dragged it onto my journal card.

I again duplicated this element, and used the Move Tool to position them just right on my Journal Card:

I also added a quick little shadow to the stitches, using these settings:

  • Blend Mode = Multiply
  • Opacity = 30%
  • Angle = 90°
  • Size = 6 px
  • All other settings are default

Finally I dragged in & placed one of the many fabulous word arts in Happy Spring, THLD-Anthology-WA-09b:

Done! Incredibly fast, easy & fun. It’s a wonderful way to get a unique element out of a collection to tell your story, your way.

You can get this FREE journal card now. Simply click to download & enjoy.


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