If you are friends with me on FB you know I lost my beloved cat Stella after almost 20 years on May 3. After that Sunday nothing was like it used to be, and our flat was filled with sadness and felt way too big.

After a couple of weeks, hubby and I decided to adopt a new cat, but shelters were closed for visitors due to Covid so we looked for announcements to buy. And there they were, those fun tiny fluffy super-cute furballs, just four weeks old. I messaged and asked if hubby and I could visit. We could.

We were sure we wanted a girl again so we had the choice between the two dark ones since the red both were boys. But which one??

Zoë & Amy

We decided on the left one and gave her the name Zoë.
After a few days hubby texted from work. He read that you never ever should have a kitten on her own. Said the guy who never was much into cats and rather had a love/hate relationship with Stella. Cats need cats when they grow up. Humans are not a good replacement for a furry friend.
Right. So I texted the cat mom again and asked if the other girl was still available. Yes, she was.

And here we are now. Eight weeks later we have two fast-growing energy bundles, one covered in fluffy and one in velvety fur. And as different their fur looks, as different their personalities are developing.

The flat is filled with lots of joy and purring again.



Have a great weekend!