People! I got out of the house. Not just out of the house, but out of the house & across the border! I cannot begin to tell you how awesome OUT felt. I’m a travelbug. I have The Wanderlust. This virus has been slowly chipping away at me. I’ve been losing pieces of myself.

Now, I’m back! It felt wonderful. Hopefully it was safe. Both our numbers here in Germany, and in Provence are low. Almost no new cases of COVID. We washed our hands like crazy, wore masks like bandits & hugged no one. Plus, really, all we did was wander fields of lavender. It is even more beautiful in person than in any photo.

Enough about me, let’s talk scrapbooking! I took enough pictures to fill two memory cards. Obviously not all of them are great. But. They are still amazing. I mean, they are of lavender fields. In Provence! I can’t just delete them.

Here’s where Blended Backgrounds come in handy. I’ve decided to use one of my bad pictures, and make it part of the background of my layout. This is my bad picture:

Lavender field in front of Aurel, France

I think using a wooden texture will be perfect for blending with this photo. I’ve taken another photo I took, and turned it into a texture (see freebie below).

I simply slide my bad photo in the layer above my texture & play with the blend modes in photoshop. The light/dark/bright in your photo will change the outcome of the effect of the blend mode. I decided Overlay Blend Mode worked best with my bad photo:

Bad photo + wood texture = amazing background! I’m pretty darn happy. I’m already scrapping my page, taking one of my favorite photo’s of Tess this weekend.

I’m going to go finish my layout. For those of you itching to try this technique, please download my free Wood Texture & play away!