Our LAD: Christmas in July event kicks off today July 15, 2020! Anyone can join. Members, Admin, CT… anyone! You will be allowed to use any kit, any Designer for your layouts. The goal is to SCRAP!

The LAD: Christmas in July is the next chapter of our uber-popular quarterly LAD (Layout-A-Day) Events.

  • What is Christmas in July? Quite simply it’s a layout-a-day challenge for July.
  • What makes it spectacular? A prize-a-day. A beautiful mini that will build one spectacular mega!
  • What does that mean?  That means everyone that posts a layout on day one, gets one prize. Wash, rinse, repeat every day. It’s only by playing every single day that you will get all the pieces to the fantabulous Christmas in July Mega!

By playing every day. By posting a layout every day. You wind up with a phenomenal Christmas in July Mega FREE! For those of you that don’t miss a single day, you also receive the handy-dandy 25-day Advent Calendar template.

For those of you worried you might just miss a day, we got you covered! Sundays are make-up days. No new challenges are posted. Even better? You can make-up any day on Sundays. A second chance to post a Layout-a-Day. A second chance to get every mini. A second chance to earn the Christmas in July Advent Calendar template.