Creating a Light Vignette using Dodge and Burn tool= in a non-destructive way! by PapierStudio Silke

Begin by opening any photo.

  • Add a new layer above the photo and fill it with 50% black.
  • Set this gray layer to Overlay.
  • Choose the DODGE TOOL to easily create a lighter vignette.
  • Choose a soft round brush, zero hardness , sized around 500 pixels (this depends on the size of your image and how large you want the borders)
  • Set the range to Midtones, and Exposure to 91%.
  • Click on the first edge with this round soft brush
  • Hold down the shift key;
  • Click on the next edge (do not release the shift key); and
  • Click on the 3rd edge and then on the 4th and then back to the 1st edge
  • Now you can release the shift key!
  • Repeat this 2 or 3 times, depending on your image

This will create the light vignette effect!

Let’s play a little more.

  • Create a new gray layer. (Add a new layer and fill it with 50% black).
  • Download my freebie doodle flower and open it.
  • Go to Edit > Define Brush Preset.

We will use this brush (or any other doodle or your choice) to lighten areas of the image with the dodge tool.

  • Click on the DODGE TOOL
  • Choose the doodle flower brush that you have just created
  • Stroke with the brush on your image!
  • Ready!

Since this is a non-destructive way of creating effects on a photo or paper, you can always go back to create a new layer with 50% black fill and set it to overlay.

my finished layout

Download my freebie here below the preview.


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