Yesterday I got a box. A box filled with presents, including presents for me! You’d think I’d be thrilled, and I am totally thrilled, but I’m also sad. I’m sad that boxes & zoom are it. I’m sad that it’s been a year since I’ve seen my beautiful grandson. I’m sad & a little mad.

This has been a hard week, and the week is not over. It’s been a hard week at work, behind-the-scenes upgrades & coding bits, and at home. Our basement, more our first floor, looks like an octopus is sucking its brains out (14 THOUSAND EURO) and all the basement stuff we salvaged is surrounding me both in the living room and my bedroom. It’s too much stuff to put a smile on my face. My two soldier boys worry me, not just their jobs, but also the COVID cases in fellow soldiers. It’s close to home and it keeps me awake at night. Actually the same goes for my parents, and my mother in law, and I’m stuck over here. I’m an ocean away.

My dreams are filled with water. I love water when I’m awake. I’m a water baby. I love swimming, sailing, boating, floating, all the water things. I don’t love dreaming about water. Those are always scary dreams. Filled with turbulent, fast, dangerous water. Even tidal waves. I hate those dreams. The Dream Moods dictionary says:

To see a tidal wave in your dream represents an overwhelming emotional issue that demands your attention. You may have been keeping your feelings and negative emotions bottled up inside for too long.

Dream Moods

I’m hoping since I let all of you into my dreams, tonight I can finally sleep like a baby!

Back in the states I volunteered at the Red Cross and taught CPR. While I was learning to be an instructor, we were taught to sandwich all our criticisms. Start with something positive, add in a constructive criticism (ie, negative) and finish with a positive. I started today’s post with a positive thought… I got a box. With a present! For me! And I’m ending with a beautiful photo Lindsay sent me of my Dad & Declan. Because. Soren picked up my parents so they could visit Declan. I’m part jealous, but mostly so incredibly happy for them & my grandson. I’m even a little happy for myself. I absolutely adore this photo.