The Recipe Exchange has me all fired up & cooking up a storm in the kitchen. My desire to cook has been reignited and my family is very happy. This week is the Soup Challenge and I wanted to double check that the soup I want to include, is indeed the soup I want to include. So I made soup.

The first thing Christian said when he heard I was making the first pot-o-soup of the season was:

“Are you making rolls?” Because. What is soup without rolls? Worthless. That’s what. Of course I was making rolls. And while rolls are amazing to dip in soup, they are even better with butter. Sadly we were out of butter. We really like butter! Even worse? It was Sunday and the stores are closed here on Sundays.

Luckily I have an amazing, fantabulous, best gadget-in-the-world, Vitamix blender. I also had a whole bottle of cream needing to be used in my fridge. A quick google & I found out that Vitamix’s can indeed make butter. I’m always excited to try new things & I was super excited to make my own butter.

I dumped the cream in the blender. Slowly increased my speed until my blender made a stopping noise, per the instructions, and took a quick peek. Just overclotted whipped cream. I was sad, but went to the 5 speed for a couple of seconds. It made a stopping noise. Still no butter. Rinse & repeat. No butter.

I’ll be honest, I was getting a little frustrated & irritated but I also needed butter so I kept trying. I started back at the beginning, at 1 speed, and I put my eye right above the little hole in the top of the lid and peered in. Something was happening! My super thick clotted cream was churning! Getting more liquidy! Yay!

Except. Now I just had super liquidy cream with gross clots. Honestly? It looked like throw-up. I was mad and ready to throw in the towel. I also still needed butter. I googled for help, but nothing helpful came up. I decided to pretend my butter was working and I went back to the second step, to 5 speed. And what do you know? After 5-10 seconds my machine made the stopping sound. Again. I took off the lid, peered inside, and what did I see?

Butter. Glorious, smooth, shiny, perfect butter! I did it!