Here is a quick tip do create beautiful shadows on laces and doilies. This effect you can apply on many other objects and also papers.

1) Open a new document and add your background paper. Add a lace or doily to the paper.

Set the shadow like following layer effect:

Drop Shadow:

2) Then create a new layer from this shadow effect.
(double click the fx icon on the layer style effects)

3) Select this new layer with the shadow. Then choose FILTER> Blur >Gaussian Blur

4) and set Radius to 18.0 pixels. This will blur the shadow a little. I like to do this effect in my layouts!

5) now we will wrap the shadow effect to create a 3D sensation. Go to Transform > Wrap.

6) A grid appears over your selection. You can then click and drag along any line of the grid or any point on the edge of the grid to start warping. Do it until you are happy with it.

7) See here below what I did with my doily.

8) That’s it! Use this same effect on any object or paper! Depending on the background color, you have to increase or decrease the opacity of the shadow layer!

Here is my layout, I used my Hygge collection for this page. And below is the free Quick Page that I created for this tutorial.