The one bright spot this week, the one not-canceled event, and one of my very favorite events was this week. Technically it’s all of Fall, but this week was *my* week. Despite intermittent showers, the girls & I packed up and went to the Ludwigsburg kürbisausstellung, or pumpkin festival (technically exhibition).

It was not the same kurbisausstellung as last year. Every year the theme changes (can you guess this years theme?) of course, but also it was much quieter. Less sculptures. Less booths. Less people. A lot less people. I did catch myself briefly whining about missing out, and then caught myself when I realized this has been the only festival not canceled. A little less is much better than none at all.

The main food booth was there, and the smell of pumpkin goodness wafted over the grounds. It was our first stop. A fairly long walk from the car, with a very hungry, hangry, Tess. She’d been waiting all day to go & feast and late afternoon may have been a little too long to go without food.

I got my usual, amazing, pumpkin soup. Tess tried the scrumptious risotto, and wolfed it down before I could get more than a nibble. I think she let me have a grand total of six grains of rice. Alana tried the pumpkin käsespätzle, a spin on mac & cheese. While the pumpkin churro’s in chocolate sauce were nowhere to be found, the pumpkin waffles with powdered sugar made a pretty tasty desert. We left the food booths pretty full & happy.

I’ve just realized the blog was down. I never babbled about Alana. By now most of you know Alana, and have followed her friendship with Tess on our blog. I’ll have to babble the full story next week, but Alana is living with us for now. Her parents are still stationed in South Korea. Her university is in the US. Thanks to Corona, it’s all online.

The time difference between Germany & the US is much less than the time difference between South Korea & the US. That means Alana can still attend her Zoom classes from here. Plus, Alana & Tess are sharing a room. We’ve converted Tess’ room to a dorm room. Complete with two beds, two desks & a mini fridge! It’s a mini college experience at Haus Westberry.