This year has been the year to end all years. The upheaval, disturbance, turbulence, confusion, turmoil, anxiety, tempestuousness, unrest, instability, hubbub of it all. There isn’t one word, there aren’t words enough to sum it up neatly. And that? That says it all.

With New Year’s Eve in sight, with 2021 on the horizon, it’s time to all shout together GO AWAY 2020! Superstitions be damned, 2020 needs to go. Let’s let it know!

We, being a digital scrapbooking studio, know the perfect way to shout GO AWAY 2020! With a bangin’ sale that puts our money where our mouth is. This week only get 20 FOR $20! Not just that, it’s any 20 in our special categories.

For the first time ever we offering a mix & match 20 for $20! You can mix product types, papers/glitters/transfers/stamps/kits and so much more! You can mix Designers or pick just one. It is your choice. You build your bundle any way you want.

Let’s send 2020 out with a BANG! Build your own PU (or CU) bundle. Select ANY 20 products in this category for only $20!!


  • Put EXACTLY 20 products from this category in your cart. 
  • Products will discount automatically to $1 each.
  • Offer valid for products in this category only from 26 Dec 2020 thru 03 Jan 2021.

Important: Be sure it’s EXACTLY 20. 19 won’t work. Neither will 21. Once you have 20, go to checkout. Each product will magically be $1.00. 20 FOR $20!

Equally as important, we have both a Personal Use and a Commercial Use option. Be sure you are shoppping in either the Personal Use or the Commercial Use category:

And the most importantest? Have fun!