Our numbers here are too high, we’re in a hotspot. We went on lockdown December 16, meaning only essential stores are open, schools are closed, contact is reduced. Even over Christmas. Even over New Years. It didn’t affect the numbers, and our lockdown has been extended and intensified.

One thing hotly debated is the 15 kilometer rule. The basic rule is; you cannot travel more than 15 kilometers from your home unless for work or a critical reason. Our state, Baden-Württemberg, one of the hotspot states, is the only state not implementing this rule. As of now. Things change daily. Not only is it stressful, it’s confusing. And then all in German.

It is creating chaos not just in my brain, but in everyone’s brains! The headlines are all about Regel-Chaos (or rule chaos). Between lockdown, corona, rules, homeschool & let’s-not-mention-the-US, my nerves are fried. I’m done looking at news. For now, if it’s good for all of Germany, I’ll hold to the 15 kilometer rule. I’ll stay home. I won’t visit with more than one person. I’ll stick it out. I do not want the virus.

Luckily for me, I live in a gorgeous part of Germany. Christian & I ran to the dump to dispose of all the Christmas dunnage, and then took the scenic route to the store for our weekly grocery run. It is incredibly scenic here. Just being out for errands, driving through “our” black forest relieved so much tension.

This is why art is important. We need beauty. We need peace. Today, well yesterday, the outdoors painted a beautiful picture and put my mind at peace. Now I just need to stay off the news and my inner self will be restored.

at burgruine Zavelstein
looking out at the village
through the entrance to the bridge
The Christmas lights & tree were still up
Walking around the perimeter
A glimpse of Christian (who does not like photos)