I was getting a little over-confident in my German speaking abilities and got into a debate yesterday.  All in German, though, granted, with a 7-year-old.  To top it all off, I lost.  I’d share the whole logic train in German, with translation, but I’m pretty sure I’d need to google translate some of the stuff she argued, and I’m pretty sure google translate would steer me wrong… and I’m pretty sure some of my German readers would have themselves way too good a giggle at my expense.  So, no.

It boils down to, I share driving duties with my neighbor.  Monday was pick-up day for me and, for my kids, it was bakery day.  They get bakery day once a week, and may choose any one(1) treat they’d like.  Since I had Melina  as well (aforementioned 7-year-old), I let her choose a treat too.  I knew very well that her mother cooks a hot lunch, the Germans big meal of the day, and that she would be mad I’d bought Melina a treat. Let alone let Melina eat the treat before lunch.  However.  She has frequently treated Tess, and before meals. Turn about’s fair play.  I made sure Melina knew to tell on me when she got home and she got in trouble.

I got in big trouble *grin*.  For me there’s nothing like my little spats with my neighbor.  Karin is the German me.  I love her with all my heart and she will be the reason I most miss Germany when we finally leave.  I could hear Karin’s voice when Melina explained why cookies before lunch were very bad.  Not only very bad, but unhealthy.

Now I, being a kid during the Cosby years, explained, very seriously, to Melina that cookies are, indeed, healthy.  They have flour, from plants; milk & butter, from cows; chocolate, from plants; even sugar, from plants.  This argument, all in German I remind you, went on for the whole drive home. Finally, as I pulled up to Melina’s house she had a brainstorm:

“but sugar gives you cavities.  This is bad.” And with that she squealed she won, scooted out of my car & skipped up to her house.

(Karin impersonating me this summer)