Thanks to Dave sitting next to me, I now have the “Papa Oom-Mow-Wow” song running through my head, but instead of papa oom-mow-wow, it’s blue-blau-blauw. It’s making it hard to get my words out!

Dave is next to me because we are sitting in a centuries old kitchen in Munich. We are here for his work, in a stately old mansion, at the only table left in the house. It’s in the kitchen, we’ve been sitting here, working, eating, gathering. We are sleeping on the 4th floor, the old servants quarters, because we have floor & sleeping bags and that floor has carpet. It’s slightly more comfy that wood. Or marble.

Between the back staircase, the servants quarters, and sitting around the kitchen table we feel we are Downton Abbey staff. It’s not a bad life. But I digress, I’m here to babble about our detour. Halfway between Stuttgart and Munich is Ulm. And right outside of Ulm is Blaubeuren. Home of the gorgeous Blautopf. I’ve been there once before, but without Dave. I wanted to share the beauty with Dave. Plus, roadtrip!

I have never, ever, in my life been so excited for a roadtrip. Even if it was less than 3 hours. I have not been out-out since September, except a Christmas run up to Stuttgart itself. It. Felt. Glorious!

The absolute, pure, unadulterated joy of being out was magnificent. The air smelled clean and fresh. The sun was bright and warm. The colors vibrant. The ducks loveable. I felt refreshed. Renewed. Rejuvenated.

I felt hope.