We’ve had an absolute dearth of snow this winter. Anyone who has spent any time reading this newsletters knows I love snow. And this year it has been woefully absent. This is not only hard for me, but also for my kids.They love snow!

Dane even got a fantastic sled from Santa Claus this year: the Big Snow Speedy, and he hasn’t really been able to ride it. He had one go, one snowy day, discovered it was amazingly fast and then spent the next weeks staring at the sky, waiting for the snow to fall. A couple days ago it snowed a centimeter or two, so when Dane woke up he couldn’t get his snowsuit on fast enough.Outside we went.

A centimeter or two is really not enough snow to sled on, unless you have a Big Snow Speedy.The Big Snow Speedy will race down frozen grass. Luckily for Dane he has a crazy mom, and dad, who’ll shovel up all the centimeters of snow from the farmers field to ice down his little hill and make it really, really fast.