I took some awesome pictures of Dane yesterday! It was warm, sunny and we took his new-to-him bike with training wheels out for a spin around the block. The problem is, in both our excitement, I shot the whole series without memory card. I could kick myself.

We got lots of stares as he rode his little bike. Of course because he is adorable, but also because, most of the time, the kids here do not ride bikes with training wheels. They have “laufrads”, or walking bikes, here. These are small bikes without the pedals. At first I didn’t fully understand the concept, and we didn’t get Dane one. Now I’m very sad we never got him one. Not only are they unique and pretty cool, but all Dane’s agemates have the balance of biking down and are reading two-wheelers without help.

That a laufrad helps with balance became glaringly obvious on our way back home. The back screw on Dane’s left training wheel started insisting on taking a nap. It refused to hold the wheel in the down position. Everytime that training wheel flipped back up, Dane lost his ability to steer or balance. Thankfully we have a small town and avoided any accidents, though we did provide quite a few giggles as steering accidents crashed us into fields and bushes alike.

Old Photo of Dane

Dane when we first moved her 2.5 years ago, my first time using a good camera