Did you make it all the way to the end?  It was quite a newsletter today.  I had a hard time picking which kid to write about today, I’ve got five at home and all five are filling me with stories.  I need more hours in a day  just to write about the fun, crazy, sometimes sad, sometimes maddening, things they all do.  I decided on Soren’s story, primarily because it is so hard to get Mr. Cool to truly get excited and bubbling with enthusiasm about anything.  And this week, we managed to get him totally bouncing with joy!

Dave’s ‘company’ had a picnic for the families on post.  Along with bouncy castles, burgers and face painting (provided by the talented Westberry clan), they also had a fire truck demonstration (Dane was so cute holding the hose and trying to squirt all the soldiers) and a police dog demonstration.  Here’s where Soren came in.  The K-9 unit needed a bad guy for the dogs to hunt down and demonstrate their take-down technique.  Soren absolutely loves dogs, this is the boy who let his dog sleep in his bed, under the covers, while he took the floor, of course he volunteered.

It’s too bad I had the camera, I think the pictures of me in near hysterics as he put on the fat suit would actually have been the best to show!  Once he was dressed, and briefed, Soren had a 10 second head start to run away from Tarzan.  I think Tarzan closed the gap in less than 3 seconds.  It is very impressive, and slightly heart-stopping, to watch a full grown german shepherd tackle your son to the ground.

Soren later told me, still grinning, that he had such a good time playing with Tarzan he almost reached out to pet him.  I’m thinking it’s very good that he remembered, just in time, to keep his hands in the suit, that the dog wasn’t playing but taking his job very seriously.