Welcome to another month of organizing fun! – I am always working on organizing when it comes to Digital Scrapbooking. Whether it’s tagging files, putting files away, figuring out what needs to be scrapped, uploaded, deleted, backed up etc – it’s an ongoing process. I’ll be popping in here, on theStudio blog, on the first Saturday of each month to provide a few tips and a little monthly ‘to do’ list to help us all clean up our digi-stashes, organize our files and clear up some space on our computers. There will be some carry over from month to month, as well as tips or suggestions and a mini-tutorial of something we’ll be learning to do specifically each month! This process will grow as we share tips and tricks and learn how others do their organizing!

As summer winds down, this month we’re taking it easy and simply focusing on the tasks we have learned already – and this will likely be a common theme. As you ask questions and share tips, I’ll add to our agenda, but I figure keeping it simple is always a good way to make sure things get done!

Monthly Tasks: 

1. Make sure you have downloaded and un-zipped all of your purchases from the last month. You don’t want any downloads to expire, and you want to make sure that all of your files unzip correctly so you don’t miss anything important!

2. Clean up your downloads folder. For me, cleaning out and putting away everything from my downloads folder at least once a month helps me feel on top of things.

3. Delete Duplicate Files (see June’s Get Organized post)

4. Empty your trash can/recycle bin and re-start your computer.

5. Check your coupons list, delete expired coupons and add any new ones! (see June’s Get Organized post)

6. Create a to-scrap list of July’s photos (see July’s Get Organized Post)

Assignment: Get organized! If you’ve fallen behind, get caught up. Focus on one folder or type of organization. Would you rather have a list of things to scrap or would you rather get all of your kits filed away? Take 30 minutes to work on one task this month.

Other Tutorials that might help in your adventure of Digi-Stash

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