It has been over a month since the mass shooting at a movie theater in colorado, for most of us this means it’s forgot or barely niggling our brain sometimes during the day.  But for the victims of the shootings this is still their life. My heart aches for those that lost their loved ones, I cannot even begin to imagine their pain.  My heart and prayers are with their families.

In addition to those killed, there were 58 people wounded.  Each of them has a story, and one of those stories touched my heart.  You can read about Caleb Medley here: a website started by his friend Vilmos.  It is the kind of thing I would do for my friend, maybe that is why it touched me.  Or maybe it is that Caleb is the age of my older sons.  Quite possibly it is the birth of his son, Hugo, days after the shooting.

Regardless of why Calebs story tugged at my heartstrings the most, it tugged.  I had to do something to help. I reached out to my design team and they immediately agreed to help me as well.  Together we created a beautiful, happy, filled-with-hope mega kit.  Now we are offering it at a very low price.  Our goal is to raise as much money as possible and send that Caleb’s way.  He faces a very long recovery and he will need help for years to come. My hope is we can help just a little, and let him know he is not alone.

All monies raised from the sale of our mega kit will got to Caleb.  All fees will be paid by theStudio.  We have three donation options for you $3.00, $5.00 or $10.00.  You receive the For Caleb Mega Kit free with each option, and a couple of small bonuses for a $5.00 or a $10.00 donation.

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