eye chart
How many of you have 20/20 vision?
I don’t.  I did. Once-upon-a-time, but it’s been a while.

I really notice the change in my vision when I am browsing through the gallery.  Often times posters will include their journal comments in the layout description, and I love that.  I enjoy reading the story behind the scrapbook page.  I am sad when I see a layout that I love but can’t read the story behind it.

We have an awesome Layout Artist Competition going on at theStudio this month!  The gallery is flooded with amazing layouts, funny stories, and touching memories. I don’t want to miss a thing, so I have been utilizing a tiny little shortcut that I want to share with you today.

This layout by Bernie Tuffs caught my eye today.   Bernie does amazing work, as well as awesome journaling.  I wanted to read her story, but I couldn’t read it very well without squinting and straining.

layouts in the Digital Scrapbooking Studio gallery

Instead of reaching for a pair of reading glasses, I just held down the Control key on my keyboard and used the scrolling wheel on my mouse.  Here’s the tip!  Scrolling the wheel away from you will make the font on  a web page larger.  Scrolling the wheel back toward you will make the font smaller.

By simply holding down Control and moving the Scroll Wheel, I was able to enlarge the layout enough to very easily read Bernie’s journaling.

Zoomed in text using ctrl + scroll wheel

Ahhhhhh….. MUCH better!

So use your Control key and the Scroll Wheel on your mouse to get a closer look at some of the amazing layouts and heart-warming stories that are just waiting for you in theStudio’s Gallery!  Be sure to visit the Annual Designer Contest Gallery too!  It’s really fun to see the personality of each designer shine through their work. And don’t forget…. the designer kits are available for you to freely download!

Credits: The layout in this post was artfully created by Bernie Tuffs, using SnickerdoodleDesigns Leaving Room Page Kit.