Admit it?  Who peeked at the photo first?  I know I’m very visual & I always peek at the photos first.  It’s a pretty photo, no?  He looks so happy and sweet. Ha! Looks can be deceiving.  See that candy necklace around his neck?  Turns out that was necklace number THREE.  He’d conned his way, with that adorable smile, into extra goodie bags while mom wasn’t looking.  And he made sure to take advantage of my wandering attention to eat up those extra goodies as fast as he possibly could.   By the time I caught on, and took this picture, he was on a rollercoaster sugar high.
We had a wonderful Sunday all the same.  Being so far from home the families stationed with you become your de facto family. This Sunday we all celebrated “our” baby’s first birthday!  As much as I love Germany, I also love my military family.  We sat around & cheered her on as she opened presents and then devoured her mini cake.  After we all pulled up our chairs, pulled out our contributions and grilled into the early evening.  Sometimes just sitting down and jabbering away in English is just what I need.  Sunday I got a full dose of home and it left me feeling refreshed and content.