Tammy helps me keep our blog updated, every thursday she shows off a new collection and creates a little freebie for all our blog readers. This week she asked me for a photo of me.  She wanted to show off the new Birthday Girl Collab with a LO featuring me!   Apparently my babbling last week had her giggling and she wanted to be sure I had that memory scrapped.  Tammy also knows how rarely I scrap.  Running a store and a family takes almost all my time, and when I do scrap it’s almost always of/for the kids.
In fact, all the photo’s I take are, well, photo’s I take.  I’m almost never in front of the camera.  I don’t have any recent photo’s of me.  Even on my birthday I was busy running around, having fun, entertaining, being entertained, so much so I didn’t whip out my camera all weekend. And then it was Thursday and Tammy was waiting on the other of the line for a photo of me. I brushed my hair, threw on some lipstick and asked Tess to take a picture of me.
Tess was so excited to be finally be the photographer & the subject!  She immediately started clicking away, contorting her little body, getting some really strange angles (you can count my nosehairs in one shot), I finally had to beg her to stand really still and focus on my nose and push the button slowly.   And then I had to ask her to do it again because she pushed that button really slowly and my eyes were closed!
Finally, and I’m not kidding, she got one I almost love.  This is (again, not kidding), shot 93: