Unless I’m gravely mistaken, it’s still officially fall. Even my trees are confused. They still think it’s fall too. Apparently old man winter is not to be stopped! We’ve got our first snow storm of the season and it’s just started.

My little ones are downstairs tearing apart the boxes I’ve already packed. I braved a quick trip down to see what all the screaming was about and I was greeted by flurries of mittens, gloves & hats being tossed out of a torn, cardboard box as Dane tried desperately to find his favorite mittens. There were snowballs to be made, sledding to be done, and snow-jumping to try out.

It’s our first time owning a trampoline, but I’m pretty sure it was supposed to be moved indoors or covered up before the snow fell. I did notice all the other trampoline owners breaking theirs down earlier this week. That should probably have been a clue that it was time. Sometimes I’m a little slow.

My kids, however, are ecstatic I haven’t torn it down. Turns out jumping on a trampoline, in the snow, is really, really fun. Who knew?