I woke up this morning with a terrible hangover, completely unfair because I did not have a drop to drink!  It turns out it’s just a migraine.  Joy. Migraines make my days move slow and feel like I’m moving through molasses. It’s just surreal.

This week I’ve left my camera at home. It’s cold & snowy out.  From experience I know my lenses tend to fog up, making for very vague, not-appreciated-by-me photo’s.  That left me with this morning to get a quick picture to document my week so far.  Thankfully I’m truly blessed with camera hogs.

I grabbed Dane for a quick modelling session in the winter garten.  Quick because the floors are not heated (I’m in love with my fußbodenheizung) and the light in there is bright.  It hurt my migraine-addled eyes.  I picked Dane because he really wanted to show off his new “Perry” shirt from Phineas & Ferb.

I was moving too slow for Dane’s liking.  Despite my intense desire to escape the winter garten, the cold, the incredible owie-y brightness, I was still moving through a thick cloud of molasses.  Not that that is all bad.  I rather love the moment I captured of Dane trying to hurry me up.