Hi all,


Today I’m here to show you how to create a beautiful glittery Valentine’s card with your Silhouette Cameo – and if you don’t own one (yet) there’s also an idea on how to make a card without one. 😀


Material needed:

1 sheet of (red) cardstock, 12 x 12 in

1 sheet of Silhouette Double-Sided Adhesive

Silhouette Glitter Colors (I used white)

And my Lacey Heart Card files – free for you to download here, just click on the preview and save.   ***Sorry, but this download has expired, but you can find these files in my store***

Once you saved and extracted the .zip file, start Silhouette Studio, navigate to the folder with the files you just extracted and open the file CGD_laceyheartcard.dxf. Once the file is loaded it should look like this:



Before you do anything else, let’s group all the tiny hearts in the upper part, so we won’t change that cluster accidentally.

To do this use your arrow tool (the top one on the right) and select the upper heart cluster, make sure it’s completely selected, then group it by either go to object>group or pressing <CTRL> + G (on a PC, on a Mac this should be <cmd>+g):

If you want to resize your card, now would be a good time to do so. Select both shapes, the lace heart and the double heart, grab the corner of the bounding box – while holding the shift key to lock proportions – and resize to your liking. When you’re done click outside the box to deselect.

Now move the lace heart off your cutting mat and the double heart shape to the top and open your cutting window.

Load you cutting mat with the cardstock you want to use for the actual card, load it into the Cameo, adjust your knife settings and cut.

Go back to the Silhouette Studio software and swap the two heart shapes, so that the lace heart is in the upper left corner of your mat and the double-heart is off the mat. Adjust your paper to legal size and pick the Silhouette Double-Sided Adhesive in the list if materials in your cutting window.


Place one sheet of adhesive on your cutting mat with the white side up, feed the mat into the Cameo, adjust your knife setting and start the cutting.

Get yourself something to drink, because this will take a couple of minutes. 😀

Getting the cut lace heart off the mat can be a little tricky – at least if your mat is new and still very sticky (as you can see in the pic, I just “started” on a new mat after my husband managed to wear mine out with one of his projects). Peel of the “excess” paper first, so only your heart is left on the mat:


Use the Silhouette Spatula or a small sharp knife to remove the heart from the mat. Make sure the yellow paper does come off, as well! If the small hearts stay on the mat, that’s great. If they don’t, no worries, just give them a little push with the tip of your tool and they will come out easily.

(Keep the small hearts, you can turn them in glitter stickers for another project ;D )

When only the lace part is left, carefully peel off the yellow backing paper and stick it with the white side up on the right heart of the cardstock heart you cut earlier. Looks pretty already, doesn’t it? (If you’re not into glitter you could also cut the lace heart out of different colored cardstock or glitter paper and glue it to the card.)


Go get two plain sheets of regular printer paper – this will help you tremendously with the glitter clean-up ;).

Remove the white protection layer from the lace heart (slowly and carefully, you want the adhesive to stay on the card, plus you could use the white paper as embellishment on another card ;D) and place it – sticky side up – on the plain papers. Open your jar of glitter powder and sprinkle it generously on top of the card. I like to use my spatula for this task (if you do, make sure there isn’t any sticky residue on the blade).


Make sure you cover the sticky part completely. When you’re done pick up the card and let the loose glitter fall to the plain paper. Tap the back of the card to get everything off, that’s not stuck.

All that’s left to do is folding the card in the middle and it is done. I am sad, that I was not able to capture the sparkle of the glitter with my camera, it is really beautiful.

Now for the cleanup – I don’t like to waste glitter powder and I’m sure you don’t either, lol. Put the card aside and the jar with the glitter on the second sheet of plain paper. Carefully lift the sides of the first paper, so that all the leftover glitter is collecting in the middle – and pour it back into the jar. Repeat as often as necessary, lol.


As promised, here’s also a quick idea for all non-Cameo owners:

Open the .png files that were included with the download. Place the lace heart on top of the right card heart and color both layers to your liking (or add a glitter style to the lace heart layer). If you want to print on colored cardstock, remember to use a darker color for the lace.

Thank you for joining me, I hope you had fun doing this project.

Don’t forget to check out our new Silhouette Cameo Hybrid Project category in the store – it’s still brand-new, but I’m sure it will fill up soon with great projects!

Happy Scrapping!