Hi, Min here again, with a fun Easter project. 😀

I’m the one who’s responsible for dyeing Easter eggs in our family – including my parents, in-laws and my sister. That means I’m usually dyeing around 40 eggs. For years we had beautiful multi-colored and patterned Easter eggs, but at some point our teenage daughter decided that “helping the Easter bunny” was not cool anymore and so for the last couple of years our Easter eggs have been plain, boring, solid colored.

This year I want to do something more beautiful and I will have my Silhouette Cameo to help me! 😀 I did a batch of “test eggs” to see if my idea worked – and it did! Here’s a look at the result – what do you think?

I dyed them with a homemade egg dye using red cabbage – the recipe is included with the free twig pattern download, if you want to use it. You could use any other egg dye, as well.

If you want to do different patterns – take  a look at my Easter shapes and Easter Wordart (1 and 2), these would look great on dyed Easter eggs, as well. You will also need Adhesive Vinyl for your stickers.

Let’s get to work:

Download my Easter Twig pattern and open the file CGD_eastertwig.dxf with your Silhouette Studio software. Then open the “rotate” window, select the twig and rotate it 90 degrees:

Now open the Page window and resize the width to 9 in (that’s the width of the Vinyl). Adjust the size of the twig so it fills the width of your page.


Next open the “replicate” window and replicate the twig as often as you want it to be cut.

Now we will add the circles (skip this step if you don’t want any dots on your eggs) – click on the ellipse tool. Then click on your work area and draw open a circle (while holding down the “shift” key to make sure it’s a circle not an ellipse). My circles have a size of 0.2 x 0.2 in.

Replicate the circle as often as you like, then open the cut window, load the vinyl into your machine and cut.


Boil the eggs and stick the vinyl on them. Eggs will take on color best while they’re (and the dye) are still warm, so be careful not to burn yourself while handling the hot eggs. If you look closely you can see the stickers on the eggs in the picture.


Carefully put the eggs into the dye – here’s a look at one of the eggs after 15 minutes of soaking time:

I took mine out after 30 minutes to get this shade of blue (stickers are still on the eggs in this picture):

Peel off the stickers and enjoy your beautiful Easter eggs!


If you’re looking for a neat way to display your artwork, there’s a free egg holder in the store ;D

Have a wonderful and blessed Easter!