Remember how last week was not my week?  This week is already 1,000% better.  Except.  Well.  I goofed.  Big time. Last week was so hectic, the racing around between home, schools, hospital and our on-post vehicle registration kept me hopping.  I had little to no time to drag out my beloved camera and take pictures.  I managed a couple of shots of the little ones and my cousins right as they were leaving.  You can tell I’m rushed because adorable little Dane is in the middle of blowing a bubble.  Awesome.

This week is once again beautiful.  The sun is out, after weekend rains, and it is slowly warming up without getting hot. Absolutely perfect for me. Dave came home a little early last night, and together we set out on an early evening walk to enjoy the Black Forest and the sunset.  It was breathtaking.  I’m bowled over with the incredible beauty surrounding us. Sometimes you see pictures and you think; “hmmm maybe they oversaturated the colors in a bit in photoshop.”

I thought this last night.  But I was using just my eyes, I wasn’t looking at pictures, I wasn’t taking photo’s, I was just looking at the nature around.  The greens were vibrant, the sky so vivid.  The sunset gorgeous pinks, oranges and that perfect, glowing red.  We saw a fox, though it was possibly a deer, or a big rabbit.  We definitely saw some more deer (why do they freeze when I can almost reach out & touch them?).  We discovered hidden meadows, ponds, brooks and an extra village just a kilometer away.

Twenty minutes from home, in the deep, dark, cool forest, I discovered that socks would have been a really good idea.  I finally resorted to stumbling through the woods shoeless & barefoot, blisters on both feet.  I’m positive that all our neighbors out walking are really wondering about that strange American woman that moved into town.  I also discovered it was pointless to stop and take stunning landscape photo’s.  A memory card in my camera would also have been a good idea.  Thankfully it is beautiful again today, and tonight I will give this another whirl.  Dave is picking up socks & moleskin as I type.