Today I will show you how easy it is to cut your own custom text with the Cameo Silhouette. Our project will be a simple “Thank you” card:


Open a new file in Silhouette Studio. We will start by defining the size of our card – this step does make sense even if you’re going to use a pre-cut card, because it will help you to determine the size and placement of your text.

So pick the rectangle tool and draw a rectangle

My rectangle is supposed to be 8 x 6 inches, since I want to create a card that does open at the bottom. For me it is easier to draw any rectangle and then adjust the size in the scale window, rather than trying to get the measurements exact while drawing it out. So if you’re like me, open the scale window, enter the measurements you want to have and don’t forget to press the “Apply” button:

Now we will start adding the text, so open the text window by clicking on one of the “A” symbols and start typing your text:

Next start playing with the settings – for my card I chose “Cooper Black” as font, but do play around and find one that fits the occasion and the person you want to give the card to. Maybe something with a more modern look? Or a script type font?

When you have chosen a font to your liking let’s adjust the size and maybe the spacing of the letters with the options in the Text Style window. (You are not limited to the sizes in the drop down window, just click in it and enter the font size you want to use and press return to change it.)

To place your text you can either just move it around until you have placed it to your liking or open the adjust window to help you, esp if you want it to be centered:

Done?  Save your project and then it’s time to cut!

First move your card (and the text with it) to the upper left corner, so you won’t have a lot of waste. If you use a precut card, move the card shape off the cutting board – but leave the text exactly where it was.

Open the cut window, adjust the settings to the kind of paper/cardstock you’re using, place your card on the cutting mat, insert it into the cameo and press the “cut” button in your studio software. (If you’re like me, enjoy watching the Cameo cut and listen to it’s “music”, lol)

When you take your cut off the cutting mat, be careful not to lose the tiny parts in the middle of the “o” and “a” – it will save you from crawling around on the floor looking from them (yes, I speak from experience, lol).

Fold your card (if it’s not prefolded) and admire it. 😉

You can either leave it at that or pick a paper to go inside your card, the one that will shine through your cut letters, and glue it inside the card. Cut a stripe large enough to cover the cut out area or line the inside completely with it. And now is the time when you need the tiny cut out pieces – place them inside the “o” and “a” and glue them in place.

If you wanted to you could easily do a second card by gluing the cutout letters to another piece of cardstock. Or save them in a jar or box for another project. ;D

That’s it for today – now have fun using this for all kinds of great projects!

Have a great week,