Grass is a funny thing. When we first bought our house in 2010, the grass was short and mostly green. A few months later, when spring rolled around, the grass exploded into a dandelion-filled green jungle that you could hardly walk through. So, we mowed the lawn and in just a few short weeks, the lawn dried up and turned an ugly brown color from too much exposure to the sun. If you looked up our neighborhood on Google earth, you’d see green grass, green grass, green grass, brown, green grass. Guess who had the brown grass?

Fast forward a few years and we’re focused on trying to maintain our green grass throughout the summer, while being conscious of our water consumption and time spent laboring on our coveted weekends. This past weekend, after our dog had an accident in the house for about the third time, I considered the possibility that the spring grass explosion might be discouraging him from going in the backyard. I suggested to my husband that it might be time to mow the lawn, and that I would like to learn how to mow it!

It’s true. I’ve never mowed a lawn before. I’m perfectly happy to have my husband mow it, and do other “man” stuff like fix things that are broken, hang things on the wall for me, and so forth. I do plenty of other things like vacuum and clean toilets. But, I sometimes wonder: if I wanted to, would I be able to do these new and unfamiliar things? So I asked my husband to show me how to use the lawn mower and for the first time ever, I mowed the lawn!

Do you ever feel a little adventurous and seek out something new? In addition to mowing the lawn this weekend, I tried a new scrappy thing as well. Snickerdoodle Designs put out a new CU set she calls Calligraphy Collection 2 (see Calligraphy collection 1 here). The set includes mats, journal cards, and masks that are unfinished (note: unfinished = go go creative spirit!).

You choose any combination of colors, papers, and photos, and combine with any kit to create your own unique page embellishments. I have to admit, I’ve been scrapping for a couple of years now and I was a little unsure of how I would finish an unfinished mat. I was surprised to find that the masks, cards, and mats come in layers. This way, you can clip or color each layer individually. I chose styles from Snickerdoodle Designs’ Take Me Away collection for my mat project.

You can find Take Me Away, the kit and collection, on sale for 50% off now in Snickerdoodle Designs PU shop. You’ll find the Calligraphy Collection 2 in Snickerdoodle Designs’ CU shop for 30-40% off now as well.

In working with the CU mat collection and Take Me Away, I created a layout that I thought would make a great quick page to get you started with this fun set. Just click on the link below to download, and consider having a little creative adventure of your own this week!

***Download No Longer Available***