Hi all, Min here again, with a quick and easy Cameo project.

After a way too long and cold Winter, Summer is finally right around the corner – the time for picnics, garden and barbecue parties and I can hardly wait to get started! 😀

This year I thought of a way to use the Cameo to cut down on the number of “orphaned” drinks – glasses, bottles, cans that are abandoned because nobody can remember which one belongs to whom. And the best part is – this is sooooo incredibly fast and easy! You can even use up your cardboard scraps and leftovers from other projects and have a stack of these ready to go whenever you need them.

There are two different type of markers I will show you today – and none of them involves sticking something on your glasses (I hate the sticky gunk that’s left when you peel them off, lol).

If you want to follow along, feel free to download the little freebie I have prepared for you (click image to download):


The first marker is designed to work with straws – open the file marker1.dxf in your Silhouette Studio software. Move it and copy it as often as you want it to be cut – and let the Cameo do it’s work.


Cut these from different colored cardstock or mark them with the names of your family and guests. Thread a straw through the slit and put it to use.

The second marker will work for stemmed glasses, bottles, cans – and everything with a handle (so you could also use them for coffee mugs at a brunch buffet).

Open the file marker2 in your Silhouette Studio software, move and copy as you wish and cut it from cardstock. If you want to use this marker for bottles you might want to enlarge it somewhat so the neck of your bottle will fit.

Thread the stem of the glass/handle of the cup/ring of the can… through the little slit in the heart to use this marker. You can easily adapt this by using cutting files for frames, resize them and use a scissor to cut the slit afterwards (or add an additional cutting line in your Studio software).


If you’re planning to make yourself a little stash of these, consider using the file marker3 – that one combines both marker types, so you will not have as much waste. ;D