Hi all,

July 4th is almost upon us and a lot (if not most) of you will be looking forward to celebrate Independence Day with your family and friends.

Today I will show you how to make this fun red-white-and-blue flower for decorating your party. Although it will look just as nice done in different colors for different occasions.

Materials needed: Different colored cardstock (here: red, white and blue), brass envelope fasteners

Optional: Straws or wreath

And yes, I do have a freebie for you, to go with this tutorial, as well. ;D Click on the image to download ***Sorry, but this download has expired, but you can find these files in my store***


Open the file tripfleflower.dxf in Silhouette Studio and cut it three times, once in blue (I bet a blue one with white stars would look awesome, unfortunately I didn’t have any), once in white and once in red to make the three flowers shown in my preview. If you want your flowers to be all the same you have to decide which size for which color, move the other two off the cutting mat and copy the flower as often as you want it to be cut.

Once all the pieces are cut, it’s time for assembly. Layer 3 different sized flowers on top of each other and fasten with one of the envelope fasteners. That’s it, your first flower. If you want to, curl the petals a little bit around your fingers, that will give the flower a little more dimension.

So what can you do with these? Here are some ideas:

  • Scatter them on the table for decoration
  • String them together with twine (or sew them together with your sewing machine) for a garland
  • Hang them in a window or from the ceiling – or even in trees
  • Use them for card making
  • Glue them to a wreath and hang on  your front door
  • Attach a safety-pin to the back and use them as name tags if you have a big party
  • Make a bouquet, using straws for stems – all you have to do is insert one of the little “legs” of the fastener into the straw

Have a beautiful week with lots of happy photo occasions for your scrapping 😀