Remember last week?  When I was complaining about gorgeous trees & totally-uncooperating kids (Fall Family Picture Day)?  We had another stunningly beautiful day over the weekend.  I tried again, this time with Tess & her best friend.  I could complain again, but this time it would be that almost every single one of the 300+ images I shot are stunning.

It was a dream photo shoot. Both girls are naturally beautiful, and at the age where they love having their picture taken.  The trees were breath-taking, in their full fall glory, and we went to the monastery in Hirsau, dating back to the 11th century.  I had hoped for one shot, and I wound up with so many I can’t pick just one.

My goal had been to do a canvas, one for each girl.  Becca leaves Germany on December 4th. I’m dreading December 4th.  I have more than enough perfect photo’s to canvas an entire wall.  I think I’ve picked the canvas for the big photo, and I will do one of the collage posters over at  Persnickety Prints too for the rest of the photo’s.

Now all I need is a quiet afternoon, my computer, the new MCP Photoshop Actions to edit my images, and I will have the perfect photo’s be, um, even more perfect!