Today is much better.  I can breath again, and tell random strangers “I’m okay” without bursting into tears, turning me into a liar.  Our friends made it back stateside, after an extra long day of travel, safe & sound.  Even their puppy made it, United Airlines treated her with extra care & love.  It is always good to hear something positive about an airline.

Once home, they made a beeline for their favorite Chinese restaurant.  I drooled quietly over here, all by myself, staring at my computer monitor blankly while imagining some delicious American Chinese.  Definitely in the top 10 things I miss from the states.  Do you think they can send me some?   Maybe with dry ice to keep it fresh, if not exactly hot?

Next on their list of must-do’s was new phones for everyone.  Germany is a little behind on the affordable cell phone plan.  I’m the only one with a smart phone, and that barely over a year, Dave has a flip phone and the kids are phone less.  Not because Germany doesn’t have cell phones (they call them “handy’s” LOL!), but because an affordable family plan is not so affordable for us.  Thursday afternoon a glowing Becca showed up on my facebook newsfeed showing off her brandnew Galaxy III (I have a II!). Almost immediately after a message popped up from Karen:

“Hey! Becca has a phone!  Can Tessa call?”  Of course Tessa can call! Thankfully calling to the states is free for us.  I hollered at Tess to come into my office, gave her Becca’s very own cell phone number (and watched my daughter grumble and grin at the same time), and soon I could hear both girls excitedly chatting away from Tess’ room.  Tess is a huge fan of speaker phone, and honestly, I really don’t mind.  It was almost like having Becca back here.  Almost.


Their very last picture together, in their favorite pose.