Hi all,

Today I have a Christmas craft project for you that’s quick and easy, fun to do with the kids and will add another smile to your Christmas breakfast table: A Santa Napkin Holder (doable without a cutting machine, as well ;D)

Supplies needed: red (paper) napkins (mine are about 13 in square when opened), cardstock in red, white and skin-colored, glue, a black marker, scissors or a cutting machine like the Silhouette Cameo – and the Santa napkin holder cutting file freebie (click image to download).

If you want to do this without a cutting machine, open up the png files in your image editing software. There are three of these included, one for each paper color. Move, copy and paste the files until you have placed them as you want to. Then print the outlines on your cardstock and cut them using craft scissors. Then continue with the assembly as written below. 😀

If you’re using a Cameo, start the Silhouette Studio software and open the file CGD_santanapkincf.dxf.

Start by selecting the rectangle with the dashed lines and group them (object>group or CTRL+G).

Move everything but this group off the cutting board area. Copy the rectangle group as often as you want to cut it and place it according to your paper.  (I used the “column of four” option in the Replicate window to get a minimum waste cut). These pieces should be cut from the red cardstock – adjust your paper and knife settings as needed and send to your Cameo.



Next pick the hat rim, beard, moustache and eyebrows – arrange them to your liking and copy/paste (or use the replicate window again). These will be cut from white cardstock.

Repeat the process for nose and face and cut them from a skin-colored cardstock.

That’s it, now we are ready for assembly.

Start by gluing the face in the middle of the red rectangle. The top of the ellipse should touch the top of the rectangle.


Next add the beard, the hat fur, the moustache and the nose in that order. Use a black marker to add in eyes, and then attach the eyebrows.

Now take your napkin and place it with the open corner pointing to you. Fold both sides to the middle and the bottom corner up. Make sure to crease the folds hard.

Turn the napkin around and slip on your Santa face. Then place it upright, letting the sides and bottom unfold a little so it will stand up.

I bet Santa would love to have one of these next to his milk and cookies, as well, lol!


Have a very merry Christmas, a blessed Holiday Season and a wonderful year 2014!