Have you ever created a scrapbook page, invested time in your journaling, printed your page, and only then realized you had misspelled a word on your page?   I have. I know friends who have. I would venture to guess that many of us have!

Photoshop includes a Check Spelling option to help us double-check our work. I’m not sure why it took me so long to actually notice that!

To find this great tool go to Edit > Check Spelling.

Spell Check-1

The Check Spelling window will open.  If Photoshop does not recognize a word that we have included in our text, the word will be displayed in the “Not in Dictionary” window.  We then have several options.

In the image below, I typed the word “driam” instead of the word “dream.”


Photoshop offers a suggestion in the “Change to” dialogue box, but that is not the word I want. I do see the word “dream” in the “Suggestions” box.

All I need to do is click on “dream,” click on “Change”, then click on Done.

I could also click on “Change All,” and if I had typed that word incorrectly anywhere else in my document, those misspellings would also be corrected.

If I typed a word that Photoshop doesn’t recognize, but I want to use that word, I could choose to “Ignore” or “Ignore All.”  I also have the option to “Add” that word to Photoshop’s dictionary.

I clicked on Dream, Change, and then Done to have Photoshop make the correction for me.


Now isn’t that the  handiest little tip? Unfortunately, I don’t see this option in Photoshop Elements 11, which is the version I have.  Perhaps it’s in Version 12?

Credits:  Photographer, Angela Chandler; Baby, my new grandson, Owen 😉