Today I’m going to tell you how I got my beautiful boy, my Christian. Because today it is his birthday, and he’s far away from home.

For those of you new to the site, new to me, I had my first son unexpectedly my senior year in college. He is the light of my life, and I love him like no other.  Not the least of which is because without him, I would have never met his father, my Dave, or had my other five kids.

After Soren was born it took me another year to really go back to school.  By then I no longer wanted to be a child psychologist, my mommy heart couldn’t take the curriculum anymore.  I wanted to be an oncologist.  I went back to school to get the pre-med classes done. I enrolled Soren in the school daycare & soon had lots of other mommy friends, just like me!

Then, one day, there was a daddy at the daycare.  Our little daycare, filled with single mommies, suddenly had a daddy too.  And was he ever handsome. As we stood outside, and I shook his hand in greeting, the sun lit up his eyes a beautiful hazel green. I fell in love instantly.

A minute later I met Nicholas, then three and in Soren’s daycare class, I fell in love again.  A week later, over coffee, Dave showed me a picture of little Christian (not yet a year), asleep on the floor, adorable beyond words. Even in sleep you could see his little dimples and his long, perfect, eyelashes.

A month later I held Christian in my arms for the first time.  I can almost feel his warm, snuggly, baby body now. He was so perfect, so immediately mine. It took another year before I became his mommy.  I can’t remember before that, but I remember the first day I was “Mommy”.  What an incredibly fantabulous day that was.  The day I went from 1 to 3 in the blink of an eye.

Happy Birthday Christian! I miss you with all my heart. May God keep you safe.