Custom Collection Sundays

It’s time for Custom Collection Sundays… on a Monday! We are only one day off schedule.  Wooooooohooooooo!  What is a Custom Collection Sundays? It is a chance for each of you to request a Custom Collection from one of our Designers. Every week one person wins their request.

On October 15Bryony requested:

I’d love a summertime Christmas kit please! With no snowflakes!!! Love the snow but we have swimming/tennis/bbq/lunch outside on Christmas day. Colours could be light green/yellow and silver glitter with touch of red.

from: Bryony

This week, Valentina has released her brandnew Have yourself a very hot Christmas in her store:

Have yourself a very hot Christmas

Have yourself a very hot Christmas



I am now totally in the mood for Christmas!  And ice cream LOL! Bryony, check your email for your FREE copy of this gorgeous collection today!  Valentina has also graciously given me a 10% additional coupon off Have yourself a very hot Christmas {Kit} or Have yourself a very hot Christmas {Bundle} for the rest of our faithful readers.  Use coupon code:  HOTHOTHOT
Note: Coupon expires November 10, 2014

Now, it’s time for my favorite part of every week… picking a new Custom Collections Sunday winner!  I had quite a few fabulous request to choose from:

My suggestion is for a kit about theater. Many people enjoy school plays, community theater, and/or even Broadway productions. Besides the usual comedy/tragedy masks, there are many parts of a production, i.e. scripts, costumes, wigs, stage sets, lighting, sound, music, actors, rehearsals, directors, etc. There are also many related terms that would make great word art. I think most any multi-color palette would work. I hope one of your talented designers has some interest in theater and would like to take this on. Thanks for the opportunity to suggest.

from: Donna

I would like to see a kit dedicated to single Moms. So many kits revolve around family and include Mom and Dad. I would like to see one centered on Mom and child relationship. With a single Mom often the grandparents become extensions of the family so something including Mom, child(ren), son, daughter and grandparents (often grandfather called Papa by children of single parents)

from: Lois

I would like to see a kit for Girl Scouts. (I know, I already won a collection…not trying to be greedy…and this is a repeat suggestion.)
Colors would be the colors of the vests. WA would include something like leadership, respect, friendship, honor…
Thank you for letting me express my ideas!

from: Andie

And the winner this week…. Carol!

I would be over the moon for something relating to the movie “Frozen”. My 6-yr old granddaughter loves Elsa and Anna along with everything else in “Frozen”, as well as all of her friends and family (kids and adults). She is also in a singing and dancing class that are now practicing for their recital based upon the movie “Frozen”. My little Catherine also wants her December birthday party a “Frozen” birthday party and wants me to make her invitation cards to send out–of course they have to be “Frozen” related. Catherine would never want to go home if a “Frozen” kit were on my computer. She loves playing with some of my digital scrapbook kits which I love seeing her interest at her young age. She would be so excited to sit next to me as we designed her invitation cards.

from: Carol

Jamie,  The Kit Cart, is already hard at work on your wonderful request!

Very important note: I will post a new winner every week, however, please do not expect your Custom Collection to be ready within a week.  Scrapbooking Collections take time, and that time varies by Designer.  Some of our team are full-time designers, others are part-time. Some are new mommies with littles at home, and others are Grandmothers.  Some of us are both.

I cannot wait to see the requests this week, please post away your biggest wishes in the comments below.  Comments are open to everyone.  New comments, and repeat comments are welcome.  I will post a new winner next week, along with a new release & a sneak peek!