It’s hard to imagine that someone missed the amazing post on Facebook from Pam Dave Zaring. It’s not only all over Facebook, but all over the news as well. Just in case you missed it, here it is:

Facebook post by Pam Dave Zaring. The photos are credited to “IMagery by Lesa Hall.”

I’ll be honest if this had happened to my family portraits, I would’ve cried. Screamed. Cried some more. But Pam, she’s got the giggles. She’s having the last laugh and she has some amazing, completely unique photo’s of her family that really just can’t be beat. Pam is treasuring those photo’s.

That got me thinking, I really do take photo’s too seriously. Have you been watching Modern Family? Think Claire in the episode “Family Portrait” (Season 1, episode 24). That’s me. A basket case. Striving for perfection where there is no perfection to be found.

So instead of Claire, I’m going to be Pam. I’m going to relax, laugh and see the good in everything. All the things. Even horrible, terrible, no-good photography. I took a little side trip, inspired by the so-awful-it’s-good editing by IMagery (Lesa Hall).

I re-edited some of my favorite photo’s, did them up “Professional Photographer” style, and I recorded my actions. Yep. Now you too can add these masterpieces to your family album. Take a look at my Professional Photographer edits and then scroll to the end & download your FREE photoshop action & get your own Professional Photographer Retouch Action for your photo’s!

Before & After of Tess using my Professional Retouch Action

Before & After of Chris using Professional Retouch Action

Before & After of me and the kids using Professional Retouch Action

Feel free to download our free Professional Retouch Action

and edit your own Professional Photo’s!
Note: You may need to adjust some settings depending on light/shadow and skin tones.

This is a Photoshop CC Action. It has not been tested in earlier versions or in Elements.