Aaaaah! I’ve lost my battery charger.  My camera is dead.  I’m in deep mourning.  Not only did I lose my battery charger, but the last time I lost my battery charger Dave bought me a new, portable battery charger for in the car.

I didn’t lost my new portable car battery charger, but I did lose the cord that powers that new portable car battery charger.  Today I stopped at the local Media Markt to buy either a new battery charger, portable car battery charger or a cord for the portable car battery charger.  They had the new cord.  Bought it.

That stupid new cord made my almost-new portable car battery charger get all hot & smokey.  And.  It did not charge my camera battery, so it’s still dead.  My battery charger isn’t the only thing all hot & smokey.  I’m feeling fairly hot & smokey myself!

And.  Tonight was the big homecoming bonfire at Cole’s school.  They lit it right at sunset, a fairly spectacular sunset, and the pictures my camera took in my imagination… well, you’ll have to imagine along with me.  They were spectacular too.  My kids were so happy surrounded by friends, a big fire lighting them up beautifully. Hot & smokey.

Tomorrow is the big homecoming game, I’ll be on the field starting at 8:30 in the morning serving fresh, hot, homemade crepes to the boys and their families.  It will be an all-day affair as they set-up the field & bleachers, followed by the JV game, and finally the Varsity game in the early afternoon. I’m tired just thinking about it.  And hot & smokey I won’t have a camera!  I may be addicted.

I wanted to find a hot & smokey picture to illustrate how incredibly frustrated I feel tonight.  But instead I’m sharing one of my favorite photo’s from our trip to Holland last month for Operation Market Garden.