How do you pick just one photo out of an entire weekend filled with beauty?  I took 300+ photo’s of Amsterdam, and 290 of them are gorgeous. Um…
Note: edited to add two more photo’s. Because.

I really shouldn’t complain about being blessed too much. That would throw bad Karma out into life’s soup and that, that would be terrible.  Right now everything is coming up roses.  Dave watched the kids for me and I was able to escape for a perfect Girls Weekend in Amsterdam.  On a boat.

I had to go back to Amsterdam, back to Schiphol, to pick up my finally finished passport (Vacation on Texel, DUDE! YOU EXIST!).  My whole family groaned at the terrible thought of another roadtrip to Amsterdam.  My girl friends, on the other hand, were pretty enthusiastic.  Even more so when I suggested we rent a boat & experience Amsterdam right on the canal.

The houseboat we ultimately rented, The Prins & Brouwer, was amazing.  Even more amazing than the pictures.  All I can say is, if you are ever in Amsterdam, consider renting one of these.  Even my visiting cousins, aunt & uncle, were in awe and ready to spend a weekend on The Prins & Brouwer.

We were blessed with gorgeous fall weather, bright crisp air & light, people & markets without overcrowding.  All in all… perfection.  But the very best part, Saturday morning at 10 am I got my passport.  A brandnew, good-for-five-years passport.  Watch out world! Here I come!