It is time for Round Two of our November Round Robins staring none other than our own Valentina’s Creations!

Val has a gorgeous, soft, beautiful new collection:  Shabby Chic Avenue.

Diane is wonderful. I’m was so touched by her reaction when I asked her to make a collab together. We didn’t have a lot of time to chat and share a lot about our own lives, but the little bit of time we could spend together was enough to appreciate each other. She’s a great organizer. She immediately understood what I wanted to do and she was on the piece in the blink of an eye. The whole collection is simply a deep poem: imagine yourself sitting in a french bar, waiting for a hot tea. Meanwhile, soft pastel colors cover the sky, a delicious and sweet smell of croissants invade the avenue. Sweetness, romanticism, womanhood, and vintage feelings: that’s what you will find inside this huge and special collab. Thanks Diane, because we were harmoniously connected despite our few words.

with love, by Valentina Pellitteri from Valentina’s Creations.

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Valentina’s Creations and her partner this week: ADB Designs have created a vision in pastels with Shabby Chic Avenue:

Shabby Chic Avenue

Shabby Chic Avenue  Shabby Chic Avenue`

Shabby Chic Avenue

Shabby Chic Avenue